Banday Infratech Private limited

Banday Infratech Pvt. Ltd. carries on the business of construction of hydro and other power projects, buildings, residential houses, bungalows, flats, apartments, blocks, quarters, basements, commercial complex. Shopping centres, showrooms, factories, farms, offices, warehouses, godowns, stores, open warehouses, warehousing complex, cold storage, safe deposit, vaults, garages and to carry on the works of installation of industrial plant & machinery, equipments, mills, factories, electric, water supply, sewage, chemical, mechanical installations, HT/EHT/LT overhead lines, cabling switch gears, auxiliaries equipment, accessories and installations etc.

The success of the brand "Banday Group" may be attributed to meet the demand of consumer from all walks of life at affordable price.
Banday Group, which started as a small proprietorship concern in 2003, has grown in all directions.

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